In Vivo Imaging System

Carestream (Bruker) In-Vivo MS FX PRO imaging systemThe lab is equipped with a Carestream (Bruker) In-Vivo MS FX PRO imaging system. Features include:

  • Fast f/0.95 lens option ideal for luminescent and radioisotopic imaging capabilities
  • High speed X-ray head for rapid 3 second small animal X-ray images
  • 3.3 X geometric magnification stage standard for very high resolution X-ray imaging
  • 4 megapixel digital CCD camera, cooled to -29C abs.
  • Automated excitation and emission filter systems with 29 excitation filter positions, 14 excitation filters and 4 emission filter positions with 6 patented wide angle emission filters, deliver outstanding fluorescent imaging sensitivity and flexibility.
  • Automated 5-position x-ray filter system allows multiple energy measurements for enhanced bone density and enhanced imaging of soft tissue structures.
  • Radiographic and radioisotopic imaging screens
  • Automated animal heater unit
  • Multimodal Animal Rotation System (MARS) for 360 degree coverage of your subject.
  • Excitation range 410 – 760 nm
  • Emission filters: 535, 600, 700, 750, 790, and 830 nm